The Art of shipping Art

Shipping an artwork is something that takes the utmost care. It needs to be securely packed with several layers of material. With the right kind of insurance. Here's how Lotte Teussink wraps, packs and ships her artworks:

Shipping original paintings

It takes courage to purchase an original piece of art online. First of all you haven't been able to touch and hold it, or view it from different angles and in different light settings. That's why Lotte Teussink makes an effort of portraying the original painting in a variation of photographs that are made in neutral lighting. And above all: you want to receive the artwork exactly like it is depicted on your home screen. Lotte Teussink makes sure that the painting arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition
Depending on the size of the original painting, the method of packing/shipping is as follows:
Artworks up until 80x60 cm are shipped in a cardboard box. Inside the box, the painting is first wrapped in a protective layer of sturdy bubble wrap, after which it is sandwiched between two cardboard plates for extra protection. Then the painting is wrapped in corrugated cardboard that can be folded around the painting until it safely sits in the cardboard box without it moving around. Lotte Teussink takes care in using as many natural packing materials as possible, including paper tape. However, for safety, she will also use plastic bubble wrap and plastic adhesive tape. The bubble wrap can easily be re-used for other activities around the house, or packing your shipments. 







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