Dutch contemporary
painter Lotte Teussink


Lotte Teussink is a Dutch artist who has developed a distinctive aesthetic, combining childlike fantasy with deeper psychological implications, often accented with subtle gothic overtones. Her artworks engage in uncommon yet effective and dreamlike ways, revealing mysterious facets of human personality that are normally hidden from day-to-day view.
She further accentuates her subjects by painting them into either enigmatic dark backgrounds or imaginative settings colored in purposely unnatural ways. In so doing, Lotte creates a balance that is harmonious, fragile, and revealing in accessible ways.
Taking an instinctive approach to the creative process, her art is sourced from subconscious introspections on various phases and aspects of life, ultimately to be revealed through her art

Lottes paintings are inspired by many different elements. Since childhood she has been interested in the dark side of things, in fairytales and imaginative worlds. After studying fine art at the art academy of Rotterdam, she often traveled somewhere alone just to paint for a specific period of time, so-called 'art residencies'. She would live somewhere in solitude for months, spending her time painting and wandering around the forest. Because she became a mother in 2015, she has reduced this working period to 2 or 3 weeks in a year. Lotte is looking for solitude to focus on the work only, and not be distracted by daily life routine. A confronting method, but also a very lucrative one. Afterwards there is always a new layer added to her works. This may be a specific idea, but it could also be a new painting technique on which she can further develop her art practice

Lotte Teussinks paintings are a bold mix of (pop) surrealism, realism, naieve art and spiritualism. Interweaved with a sense of melancholy, nostalgia, but also lightheartedness and humour. She uses dinstinct elements like bright intricate patterns, big eyes, and harmonious use of colours and thoughtful compositions. Her beings often lack a mouth. They 'feel' in stead of 'speak'.
For her paintings Lotte usually uses a mix of materials: a starting layer is set up in charcoal, backgrounds are painted with acrylic, main subjects with oil paint. She paints on either canvas or paper, and sometimes adds details in coloured pencil or ink

Studio move: in December 2020 Lotte Teussink will be moving her studio from Rotterdam to a new space in Middelharnis on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee on the southwest coast of The Netherlands. From half December to half January there will be no opportunity for studio visits. During this time her works will remain visible online: the online store on www.lotteteussink.com is open, and for inquiries you can reach out to info@lotteteussink.com

' Usually I let people interpret my works themselves. I feel words and explanations are restrictive in terms of experiencing the artwork. But I understand people are asking questions; the beings without a mouth raise questions. And that is what I like to convey; a sense of mystery and great depth to the human soul. So much deeper than words can explain.
For me, the creating of art is a way of investigating my place in the universe; asking myself questions like 'who am I', 'why am I here'. My paintings are my questions, and over the years I have gotten some answers. The most important thing I learnt up until now, is that I am a person who communicates through the senses and emotions, whereas I find words to be too much of a simplification, a distraction. Ever since I was a child I instinctively used painting and drawing as a tool for non-verbal communication. I am sensing things I can't explain, and now I am learning to trust this instinct in stead of doubting or ignoring it. It's a continuous process. Intuition is key to creating something that will communicate with the viewer.'



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